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Reservations: Please call or e-mail us to schedule a party for you at least 3-4 weeks in advance of your desired party date.  When your party fees are paid in full we will start finalizing your party and will deliver to your home your custom handmade invitations.

Deposit:  A non-refundable deposit (all party fees) is required to secure your party date and are due at the time of booking your reservation.

Forms of payment accepted:  We will accept cash, check or money orders.

Minimum/maximum attendance:  Our party packages are designed for a minimum of 8 guests (this includes the guest of honor) and a maximum of 12 guests (this includes the guest of honor).  Parties that are smaller than 8 will still be charged for the minimum of eight children.

Attendance of guests:  Some of your invited guests may not show up at your party, even if they may RSVP.  Please remember though that we will still charge according to the final guest count that you provided to us prior to the party and NOT the number of children who show up at the party.

Siblings of guests:  Our party packages cover only the guest of honor and their paid guests.  Please include any siblings in the final count if you want them to participate in the party activities.

RSVP confirmations:  Please contact us at least two days prior to your party to confirm your final guest count.  This will be the number that we will use to determine appropriate quantities for costumes, party favors and food (if applicable) and it also gives us enough time to print personalized place cards and make any last minute changes, if possible.

Late arrivals:  Please kindly advise all guests that the party will begin promptly at the scheduled time because we may have another party already scheduled that day to also attend to so we must stay on time schedules to meet those deadlines.  All of our activities are carefully planned out, but any child arriving late will be allowed to join the activities at the point where the party has progressed to.

Non-participation:  We kindly ask that if one of your invited guests does not want to participate in the games or activities that you will attend to them promptly because we do not want to have their behavior disrupt the party. Your understanding on this matter will be greatly appreciated to ensure the least amount of disruption to your party.  As the party host/hostess we are responsible for the flow of the party and the activities and want your child's special day to be the best possible experience we can make it!

Guest attire: Most of our parties include costumes and/or dressing up, however at our parties the girls are asked to wear a leotard or swimsuit to wear under their party attire and shoes to wear with their dress.  We ask the boys to wear the costumes provided to them over their clothes. 

Adults at the party:  We ask that the parent's of the birthday child please stay for the duration of the party to ensure the needs of their invited party guests both at the party and after.  We ask this to ensure that their child's friends have been picked up from the party and taken home or to provide a ride for them in lieu of their parents.  The parents of guests are welcome to stay and enjoy the fun, but we ask that they keep the noise level down and stay back from the party guests so that the party guests and host/hostess have plenty of room to move about and participate in the party without interruption.

Damage to host/hostess party place, costumes, or accessories:  We understand that accidents happen, however, as the client you may be responsible for damage caused to costumes, the party place or accessories due to negligence or intentional misuse.

Food Allergies:  If you choose to book a birthday, tea party or tea luncheon with A Magical Special-"Tea" For Thee to provide a catered menu for your event, it is your responsibility to check with all party guests for specific food allergies.  May we suggest that either you or the parent of that child provide an alternate menu for the food allergies for that child.

Cancellations and rescheduling:  Once you have your party booked and the deposit is paid in full, the party can only be postponed one time.  Please remember, there will be an additional charge to re-send invitations to your guests should this occur.  We will gladly work with you to reserve an alternate date for your party, but rescheduling will be based upon availability.  If you should decide to cancel your party for any reason, the deposit is non-refundable.  

Inclement weather/illness:  In case of severe weather, unforeseen circumstances or illness we reserve the right to reschedule your party.  If you choose to cancel the party due to severe weather or illness, please remember that your deposit is non-refundable.  We will help you to reschedule your party for an alternate date (based upon availability).  Please be advised however, that if new invitations, food or beverages are needed that there will be an additional charge.  If we reschedule your party due to weather, unforeseen circumstances or illness, than items that have to redone (such as invitations, food, beverages, etc.) that were previously paid for by the client will then be paid for by us.  We will not be held responsible to replace the items that do not need to be redone or that were never paid for initially by the client.

Parking:  Please park in the parking area in the driveway and not in the turnaround.  A Magical Special-"Tea" For Thee , its owners and employees assume no responsibility or liability for accidents, allergies relating to food items, clothing or make-up, injuries to party guests, or property damage to vehicles while parked at our establishment. 

Parents staying at party:  If you choose to have the parents of the guests stay at the party, it is your responsibility to provide food or drink for them if this is what you choose to do (we will only provide food and/or drink to paid guests and the birthday child's parents and/or grandparents.


A Magical Special-"Tea" For Thee has provided this account of our policies and terms of service and will assume that you have read and agree to our policies prior to signing the Party Agreement with our business.  If you are unclear about our policies or have any additional questions regarding the above policies you must contact us prior to reserving your party and signing the Party Agreement!

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